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Jack of all trades but a master of none. I know tidbits of things in various fields but never really excelled in one. Still striving to achieve though. I know web design (stopped for a looong time now) and graphic design (used to play Photoshop everyday). I play table tennis (been part of the varsity team, never made it on Team A though), badminton (never play it anymore...would like to start again), and pool (decent shooter, still needs to learn a lot about english/spin). I sing (baritone during solos, tenor in choirs, breathing needs work), play piano/keyboard/organ/synth (ouido, relies on chords, slow note reader), guitar (good ol' strumming for me, thank you), harmonica (beginner, learning), and lately been arranging music for choral singing (takes me years if not inspired). I'm into TV (critic, used to be a writer for TV, loves reality shows, LOST) and movies (critic, into artsy fartsy, indie, and foreign, planning on doing short films with friend later this year). Into writing (feels like I can do a mean short story, essay or poem once I overcome my too-lazy-to-start syndrome), photography (put into halt until I could get myself a new camera, LOMOGRAPHY), politics (not really anymore...but it is my bachelor's degree - Political Sciene), passionate arguing (only if I know I'm right), and making people laugh (my comedy is a blend of extremes: self-deprecation and conceit, slapstick and witty).

I'm a little bit of everything. It sucks.

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